SMSGatewayCenter Bulk SMS API Documentation

SMS Gateway Center Bulk SMS API Integration

API built with

A Robust API implies to an upgraded functionality of the customer application. At SMSGatewayCenter, we mean to convey Robust API utilizing different approach in which an API should be dealt with independently (just like a whole product itself) to be incorporated to give and expend data from unknown clients.

Text Messaging API

Every customer registered with has got an instant access to send texts using our Robust API or SMPP. SMPP Users need to whitelist their IP and take approval for necessary settings.

API Integration

You can integrate our HTTP API using various platforms such as PHP, ASP, JAVA, .NET and other programmable languages.


We have various REST APIs to facilitate right from sending Text Messages, Fetching DLR, Viewing Balance, Changing Password and much more.

Reseller API

Manage your white label or API integrated with your application easily right from creating user to managing users balance. Reach more customers and become more powerful in the industry. Portray yourself as an aggregator.