Real Time SMS Delivery HTTP Forward Bulk SMS API Documnetation

Real Time SMS Delivery HTTP Forward

Receive SMS Delivery Data on your application

Get SMS Delivery Data on your application using HTTP POST method. Once we receive SMS Delivery Data from operators, we forward respective data which we receive response/status of the delivery from the operator real time. You can capture this response on your website or desired application.

We forward data with POST method.

Sample code given for reference purpose only. Please sanitize and code properly with all security measures. You need to save the sample code and provide us the URL to forward the request.


Forward Parameters
Key Value Description
transId Unique Transaction ID For every transaction, an uniuqe id is created and will be forwarded
msgId Your SMS Message ID This is the message ID for your sent SMS transaction.
errorCode Status of the code We forward the status code and you can map with our Error Codes.
dlrTime Delviered Timestamp This is an epoch timestamp with milliseconds.
mobile Sent Mobile number Mobile number for the sent SMS campaign.

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Sample Code


$DeliveryReport = new DeliveryReport($_REQUEST);

echo $DeliveryReport->getMobile();
echo $DeliveryReport->getErrorCode();

// or insert to database

class DeliveryReport {

    private $transId;
    private $msgId;
    private $errorCode;
    private $dlrTime;
    private $mobile;

    public function __construct($REQUEST) {
        $this->transId = $REQUEST['transId'];
        $this->msgId = $REQUEST['msgId'];
        $this->errorCode = $REQUEST['errorCode'];
        $this->dlrTime = $REQUEST['dlrTime'];
        $this->mobile = $REQUEST['mobile'];

    function getTransId() {
        return $this->transId;

    function getMsgId() {
        return $this->msgId;

    function getErrorCode() {
        return $this->errorCode;

    function getDlrTime() {
        return $this->dlrTime;

    function getMobile() {
        return $this->mobile;

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